AXIS 11 mm


The AXIS 11 mm low stretch kernmantel rope is designed for work at height. The standard diameter ensures a good grip for easier handling. The EverFlex technology guarantees great flexibility and consistent performance over time. Rope available in six colors and four lengths.

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  • Standard diameter ensures a good grip for easier handling
  • Consistent performance over time:
    – construction with nylon core and polyester sheath, with specific weave
    – EverFlex technology ensures great flexibility over time and under any conditions (water, dust, mud…), allowing it to maintain excellent handling and optimal performance with devices
  • Available in six colors: white, yellow, black, blue, red and orange
  • Standard lengths: 150, 200, 600 and 1200 ft
  • Customization on request:
    – option of ordering a rope of a specified length (up to 1800 ft)
    – addition of sewn terminations manufactured on one or both ends, providing a ready-to-use rope. These terminations have a protective sheath that keeps the connector in position and facilitates handling. They are also stronger than a figure-eight knot

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46m yellow, 46m black, 46m blue, 46m red, 46m orange, 46m white, 61m yellow, 61m black, 61m blue, 61m red, 61m orange, 61m white, 183m yellow, 183m black, 183m blue, 183m red, 183m orange, 183m white, 200m black, 366m white


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